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The Virtual Museum brings together the exhibitions themed around rare and precious canes, for collectors, inspired and published by Gilbert Segas. Designed and crafted by iSkiv Ltd, these exhibitions spanned on several years while Gilbert Segas enlivened the Galerie Segas, before he terminated the commercial part of its activities, in 2015

Last exhibition: Canes made of unusual materials

From snake skin to woven wilde grass, rhino horns, papier maché and myriad of other materials, all more eccentric and bizarre, such was a first cycle on unusual materials.

The Dance master Cane

A new room was dedicated to the usage of the Case Cane also called Dance master Cane.This theme put the focus on the Cane in the French revolution

Incroyables and Merveilleuses

The themes index is accessible at the end of the exhibition.

Cane and eroticism

The cane topsy-turvy! Table of content
Contrasted version, Black on White : Exhibition - Table of content

Popular art

Canes sculpted of wood

Conscription Canes

Conscription and glass canes

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