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About me, Gilbert Segas

Fourty years of experience and knowledge gained as a dealer and specialist of antiques canes for collectors: Formerly antique canes dealers in Paris, I founded the Galerie Segas in 1975. It definitely helped me to make me passionate about the history of canes.Today I share my knowledge as an expert and dedicate my time to more research.

If you are not familiar with the world of canes, you will soon discover its diversity, its originality. A fascinating world if you want to discover it.

First of all we shall distinguish between two broad categories:

The cane curiosa
that dissimulates another function than that of its primary usage,

and the decorative cane
which covers art canes, folk art canes, jewellery, goldsmithery, animal figured canes and more..

Got a Question about canes? Let me know. I will be happy to address it.

As an expert, I provide a professional appraisal service for those who wish to determine the value of an item or to liquidate one.


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