Canes made of unusual materials

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The walking stick from its origin, nearly all were made with, as main element, a wooden shaft in exotic or native wood. Nearly all woods were used.

In the same way some canes were made of ivory, for the symbolic of the substance - whitness + hardness = Purity and might.

Lions, Dandy and Cocodès
shows "cane in pocket"

During the 19th century the cane emancipates and liberates. Lions, Dandy, and Cocodès -Young men wearing in excess, overdrawn and ridiculous apparel -, always seeking originality, bear them proudly in all in vogue passage, abeting artisan to use unusual materials.

All Parisian passages had at least one cane's shop. At the beginning of the 19th century, faddish men strolled throught the passages "Cane in Pocket".

From hippopotamus skin to tortoise shell, from snake skin to woven wild grass trought the rhino horns, the papier maché and myriad of other materials all more eccentric and bizarre, here are some examples whitnessing wealth or originality. Among the gem of the gallery's archives, it was hard to select a thirtieth themes, which makes the first cycle of virtual exhibition on materials: "Canes made of unusual materials".

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The giant jersey cabbage cane


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Cane made of unusual materials
Lions dandy and cocodès shows cane in pocket