Canes made of unusual materials


Marquetry and inlaid canes

India has the inlaid technique, made of silver or brass, white or green ivory squares or triangles, turtoise shell, called Bombay Marquetry, of low value. Opposite, on the left. The whole Orient knew this type of marquetry, mainly shaped with turtoise shell or mother-of-pearl triangles.

Opposite on the right, a cane, of which the crop handle and the shaft are fully covered with Syrian marquetry. Syria is well known for its marquetry and its veneering woods. Ornate backgrounds and chess boards, boxes and even large items of furniture are inlaid with rosewood and bone, contrasted with mother-of-pearl. Fabrics and embroidery are part of the Syrian traditions. These fabrics are most sought after by West decorators and fashion makers. Damas is also famous for its brocades. Hama is famous for its sheets. Alep is well known for the shimmering color stoles made of silk, hand made carpets, jewells, narguilés, items made of blown glass. Alep soap, with olive oil and laurel, is made by 40 craftmen. And its marquetry: plays, boxes, frames, chairs, embroided tablecloth. Other sources: Wikipedia, Cafe-Syria.

Italy, France, Spain, Germany, used Ivory to make drawings, frequently in charming taste. From the beginning of the Renaissance, Italy began to make marquetry of inlaid coloured woods, and France followed. The Netherlands and Spain have long kept this marquetry but defacing it. Then, France made marquetry from pewter, brass, turtoise shell, mother-of pearl, and kept it during a century at the end of the 17th Century. It desapeared from Central Europe to be replaced by other ornaments. We shouldn't forget that Italy has frequently mixed precious stones to its marquetry made of wood and ivory.


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Canes made of unusual materials
Marquetry and inlaid canes