Canes made of unusual materials


Canes made of matches marquetry

An unusual material

Match: 1350–1400; Middle English macche (wick) - Middle French meiche, Old French mesche < Vulgar Latin *mesca (lamp wick), metathetic variant of Latin myxa < Greek mýxa, µ??a, (mucus, nostril, nozzle of a lamp). A predecessor of the match, small sticks of pinewood impregnated with sulfur, was developed in China in 577 A.D (Source: Wikipedia)

On the left: This strange cane, is made of matches marquetry plated on a wood core . The handle is make build d'un scatter parsemer seeded of red match head, and the collar with brown match head. The ferrule is build from a piece of recycled brass.

Opposite, on the right, rare and curious cane made of matches marquetry. A silver steel collar maintain the junction with the handle. The handle is engraved with faces and perls.

Many object artifact where built with matches, in particular edifice models, church models, castels, eiffel tower, in the same way as coloured portrait.

We saw as well boats or samll boats realized in the spirit of the "bateaux de soupe".

All of this with recycled materials, bones of soup, matches, etc. Such work was certainly done by sailors or prisoners, having time but few raw materials. From various inspiration, as for instance this rare and curious cane. Many of those artifact became rarity by the fragilty of the material used.

This popular chore work technic rarely used in cane has been used more often for decorative items like: table mat, frame, flower-pot holder, boat model, etc. An eccentric had even created a reduced reproduction of the St.Sever Abbey church (Rouen France).


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Canes made of unusual materials
Canes made of matches marquetry