Canes made of unusual materials


Canes made of glass pearls

Frailty and beauty

While not completely glass canes, the canes made of glass pearls enter the same family, from the material used angle. We need to distinguish two categories:

Canes made of glass pearls and exotics canes made of glass pearls: Canes made of glass pearls are covered, often entirely, by a marquetry or mosaic made of a tiny glass pearls, rounds, with the most various colors. They are bent on a support material, itself fixed on a light wood shaft. The decoration in spiral, with fluting or flowered garlands, are sometimes engraved by a first name or a maxim in cartridge. Some, according to another technique, are threaded end to end on a same wire of metal twisted around the shaft.

The exotic canes are manufactured according to the method of the metal wire or plant wire. They are generally more rough and garish coloured, carried out for the tourists. Some, ancient, were made of pearls which the explorers, colonists or missionnaires exchanged against local products or gave in gift to the African kings.

Some are found, facing of ethnic canes mixed with the cauris, teeth and other amulets, as well as on certain canes belonging to indigenous sorcerer.

Of these wonderful canes, alas of a fragile constitution, sometimes only scraps remain.


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Canes made of unusual materials
Canes made of glass pearls - frailty and beauty