Canes made of unusual materials


Glass canes

Decorative and charmer

The most curious superstitions in Devonshire is about the glass rod, which they set up clean in their houses, and wipe clean every morning, under the idea that all diseases from malaria will gather about the rod innoxiously.

It's a twisted cane in the form of a walking stick, and measures from four to eight feet long. They can seldom be persuaded to sell, and if its get broken, they argue that misfortune will ere long befall someone in the cottage where is has been set up.

A droite: Curieuse canne à fût en coeur de régime de dattier. Poignée en retombée en bois et en ivoire. Bague et haute férule en laiton.


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Canes made of unusual materials
Glass canes - decorative and charmer