Canes made of unusual materials


Wrought iron cane

Spiral twist metal

The make of foundry (ironworks) was discovered around 1785. Quite rudimentary make, canes handles and grotesque Heads in Wrought iron often lighthearted, will be then realized.

Land monger wrought iron "spiral twist" cane. We found around the XVth century different canes based on the same model or similar, sometimes including some changes ...

Wrought iron defensive cane, with prominence shaped in spine on its side.
Mastery cane - The work of iron twisting around the rod is extremly complicated .
Land monger cane, enable to bore and to remove core boring .

The museum "Le secq des tournelles" in rouen, is one of the most famous foundry museum in the world, possess some specimen of this type of canes.


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Canes made of unusual materials
Twist shaped wrought iron Cane