Canes made of unusuel materials


Canes made of human skin and bones

Macabre, did you say macabre ?

In " le Magazine du pittoresque" 1865, under the title "exported bones", we could read this wild statement : "Nowadays Great-Britain take's off from the other European countries the elements of fruitfulness; it has already searched the Leipsig, the Waterloo and the Crimée battlefield, to remove the bones they where holding in the ground; she took away the bones of several generation piled up in the Sicilian catacomb."

"The time can not be farthe, says M. Villeroy, where everywhere the value of bones will be acknowledge. The french and the German will then be able to appreciate more the prize of rape and flaxen meal , and will not alowed the English to take it away ."

Opposite: Wizard cane, made with human skin and a human humerus , belonging to J.p. Favand's cane collection.

Below: Curious high handle cane, made with an half humerus, the head constitute the handle -amputation remembrance-. Shaft in natural twist. Brass repoussé floret collar, using the same technic as aluminium repoussé see history. On the brass shaft: small death's-head carved on top of two crosses bones.


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Canes made of unusuel materials
Canes made of human skin and bones