Canes made of unusual materials


Canes made of horn washer

Horn and hoof

Curious cane, the shaft is marbled shade and made of cow horn (light) and horse roof (dark) washer, string on a steel plane rod and "dog-skin" polished (dog-fish). Alas! These canes where often make in prison, by the common law prisoners, on the same level of other many artifact made of horns.

Cow horns

Defence cane of which the supple shaft is made of cow horns and horse hoof washer. High handle wide-mouthed in horn, encrust with brass point, lettering: 1872- MOV (mort aux vaches) in French (argot, rhyming slang), a well known insult to police forces; a death's-head crosses with two shinbones, prisoner's traditional make; hight:0.85 cm; 1872. For information about "mort aux vaches" (French), see mort-aux-vaches.

Canes made of various washer materials: canes made of horns washer, from amber shade made on the same rule, where often intercalate with horse hoof washer that, dark, allowed various shade.Two kind of canes made of washer materials are the most widespread: paper and horn.

There are plenty of other canes made of washer materials, of which: In playing card, you recognized them by the thickness of the washer. In post stamps, very difficult to differentiate without dismantle the cane and that makes the philatelist despair. In leather. In sampling of various wood.

In the 18th and 19th Century, Italy provides some rare canes made of various thick marble and horn washer. However we need to consider that in this area, the imagination was unbridled and that everything that could be shaped in washer, was a subject to making canes shaft : vertebras, nutmeg, ear of corn, etc.


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Canes made of unusual materials
Canes made of horn washer