Canes made of unusual materials


Canes made of horns

Buffalo horn

Opposite, on the right, Asian buffalo horn cane with a dragon head sculpted on the handle.

Of a beautiful homogeneous black , the buffalo horn tissues are firm. The buffalo horn is mostly uses for handles prupose, either designed in corbin crutch or crops, and more rarely the buffalo horn can be build in one lenght.

Water buffalo horns are now extensively used for stickdressing, again as a result of the general shortage of ramshorn. Some poeple maintain that buffalo horn can be bent only once; not so - it can be bent as often as necessary, though it is denser and therefore a little more difficult to move than ramshorn. Tthe colour of buffalo horn can vary from total jet balck to a shade almost as pale as ramshorn with several colour variations in between. They all make the most attractive crooks, even though they are not strictly the traditional material walking and working stich by theo fossel

Oryx horns

Opposite, on the left, hight cane with a shaft in Oryx horn. High handle in turned wood shaped in ring , imitating the horn, with multiple orange strip.

Oryx can also be called "sand gazelle " or "gemsbok" or "saber gazelle". A species is also known by her descriptive name "Scimitar Oryx". We can found four oryx species; Their horns are very long, up to 30 inches, thin, straight almost upright or swept back, nearly parallel, and ringed from the base.

In the XIXth century, horns specialized ateliers, designate under the name of "aplatisseurs de corne" (horns flatener), where boast by their steam and hydraulic machines. See below for a french definition of "aplatisseurs de corne" Vieuxmetiers thanks to the french glossary of our ancestor's craftmanship.

We can read in "la Vie pratique" ( The pratical life) from 1923, under the title "Le Trésor du Foyer " (The residence treasure): In the Basses-Pyrénées ( Lower Pyrenees) France, we take very hot baked potatoes and, after having squashed them, we apply them on the straighten out horns. It is like this that the Pyrenean shepherd give a pleasant turn to their animals horns.

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Canes made of unusual materials
Canes made of horns