Canes made of unusual materials


Cane made of hippopotamus skin


This curious substance, who lives the profane confuse in front of its suple stem, can be very dangerous if managed by the hand of a specialist. The word hippopotamus comes from the greek hippos "horse" and potapos "river". This amphibian horse, which does not appear like it, is a whopping of 4m50 long for 1m to 1m50 high, and 2 to 4 ton. The fresh skin by herself can weight 500kg. In this skin, that can be up to 6cm thickness, the part use thick about 2cm is carved out with a knife. Straps of the same width, after a simple work, make so interesting canes. Its colour looks like ...yes!.. a wet or white honey soap from marseille, which can turn to light amber.

Extremly suple, this cane is enought firm to lean on it without being ridiculous. Compact and quite heavy, it advantageously replace "le nerf de boeuf "as defence object. Those special canes are mainly strived for their oddity.

"I have a friend who went out one day with a coloured glass cane in hand. On my representation, he left his instrument of panoply at home .

He replaced it by a strap, raised on the leather of an hipoppotamus. Imagine a huge celluloid knitting needle. I menace to not address him anymore.

It is to say that everywhere simplicity has my preference."


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Canes made of unusual materials
Canes made of hippopotamus skin