Canes made of unusuel materials


Cane made of snake spinal column

Strange and sophisticate

So called snake cane, The whole shaft is made of boa's vertebras piled up on a steel stick.
Round and closed handle in brown horn ending in a snake head.
The eyes are made of spun glass.
Horn ferule.
Circa beginning of the XIXth century.
Overall lenght: 38.18 inches
Handle 6.7 x 5.12 inches
Shaft: 31.5 inches

Cane with an Ivory knob, sculpted of twenty different heads representing the Nô theatre masks.

The below part is in amethyst. The shaft is made of a Snake spinal column .

Total lenght 34 1/2, circa 1900

The Cane made of snake spinal column does not differ from the cane made of shark spinal column: each vertebra is left in its natural lengthwise shape and overlap the former articulation untill obtening the desired lenght.

Round shaped and polished this bony material gives better bright results than the cartilaginous shark spinal column - More infrequent and original as well this material has mostly been used for making necklace and bracelet - barbaric -.


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Canes made of unusuel materials
Cane made of snake spinal column