Galerie Segas Popular art, canes sculpted of wood Virtual exhibition March 2002    

The Popular Art Cane is not to confuse with the "well carved" wood Cane.


One is the work of an amateur,

One generally comprises
a certain rusticity,
a primary awkwardness,
a caricatural touching of naivety.

CLEMENCEAU "The Tigre" Popular art Cane .
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The other is made by a sculptor, professional artist perhaps .

The other is "almost too beautiful", the features are finished, the resemblance perfect. The glance ensured, the assured hand of the artist on the gouge makes of the work somehow cold...

Much talent but to the detriment of the sensitivity....

ESCHYLE "The father of the Greek tragedy"
"well carved" Cane

By comparing these two kinds of Canes, I see in the first one a spontaneous, grinning, charming, mocking country-woman. In the second one, the Star having all the canions of beauty, glossy, manufactured, distant ... Unaccessible.


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