Galerie Segas Popular art, canes sculpted of wood Virtual exhibition March 2002    

The Popular Art Cane is an open book on the each day life, of which each element to be deciphered with patience is part of the history.


Very beautiful use of the root

Art populaire "sincère"

Any man, simple or cultured, needs to express himself.

My grandmother, woman of common sense, said to me "if you cannot write build your house with your hands, it will speak for you". Country Metaphorism? no! rather common sense of people "right in their boots".

"Sincere" Popular Art around the eternal myth of the snake and the woman...
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It is necessary to whom that can't control the pen or the rhetoric to control the plane or the knife, I mean the knife as a tool. If he cannot write or shaping with the verb, he must engrave, carve, work with the matter and print his mark to last, by employing simplicity and the simplicity of means for the humble one. The knife which is always folded at the bottom of the pocket and the branch at the edge of the path.

This is why the Cane known as "of Popular Art" is for me the synthesis of sincere and spontaneous expression, because at the same time it is the work of the hand of the man and it is the support of his imagination and the matter controlled by the spirit, modelled by the hand.

The Cane "of naïve" expression is more than a simple walking stick, it is the confidante to whom, in front of the evening fire, we tell by carving it of the point of the knife, joys, miseries, and hopes.

It is the presence which reast the weak one. It is the outlet which, sometimes, under erotic or saucy sculptures "listen" to the cry of the lonely.


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