Galerie Segas Popular art, canes sculpted of wood Virtual exhibition March 2002    

I like Popular Art Canes, those which carving is grating, those of which the volume be all in roundness, those which seem to laugh, to cry or to scoff, those of which the sculpture, with little of observation, let see the character of their author, and which with force to be carried, touched, carressed, have an incomparable patina made with the ridge palm of the man close of ground, those of which the sculpture "speaks" from the strong moment of life, memory of war, of love, of freedom or of captivity.


Sculpted face in a branch


Cane strongly faced sculpted in boxwood


Such this other flouting the death by its handle, carved root of a rat gnawing a man's head with empty eyes.

Provocation with a sardonic smile, this caricature of a shrewish woman with a enormous hairy and hook-nosed, and who the twisted lip opens on toothless gum, the whole decorated of an inscription on the shaft "to my dear neighbor". Bitterness or revenge?

This other representing a woman with a pointed chignon striking a naked sheeepish man, with an enormous club, his cap held like a vineleaf.


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