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The Cane ...

does not have age...  or rather it has the age of the mankind.

The  C a n e  was born the day when the animal which was to become the man, stoud up on his two back legs for the first time.

Having the two front legs free, he gathered a branch ... a cane to defend himself, to attack, to threaten and, if he was strong, making himself respected by the other troop's members, clan, tribe. Then to support himself, tired by a long march when arrives the tiredness of the end of life.

Homme debout


He takes the tree pulled up branch in the hand, at the end by the right angles, you know, that one which was attached to the trunk. And, when he found it well in hand, well sized, he kept it.

Thus was born ... The Cane. It did'nt know yet that it was to be called like this. Rough, without any education nor precise form, without past, without history but with a fabulous future, its companion and owner's one whom it will not leave more than one step.

One day sitting in the sunn, his Cane at his sides, the man put the hand on a stone, took it up, burst it, ran over the sharp with his thumb. Taking its Cane, he approaches the tool from the wood and trim it... vaguely... A pattern stands out, comes more refine, becomes sculpture, his Cane is not anonymous anymore, it has its own personality.

Soldats sculptant des cannes

We find the same process and the same gesture at our 14/18 "Hairy" (French soldier in World War First), waded in their mud pit, the knife having replaced the cut stone.

Tthe same instinctive gesture of the stripped man with the life or death.

In La Gazette


Then as well as his companion, the crudely Cane will await thousands of years before finding its name and gain its title of nobility.

Cane: of Latin caned (reed) or Hebrew KANCH (reed).

We will find the Cane among all cultured people, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, often with the purpose of distinctive, hierarchical or nobiliary sign.


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