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The Cane ...

Especially do not believe that the cane of our ancestors is an orthopedic object or an instrument of assistance for the walk.

Oh that not!!

The Cane ... is before all a whole object of elegance, it is the essential vestimentary complement of all man of good, it is the invaluable accessory which "poses its character".

The Cane ... You do not wear a cane, you do not show off your cane... The cane is practised, it is an art - discrete.

Especially do not confuse the cane and the stick.
The stick is lout.
The cane is in its essence nobiliary.
The cane is the sceptre of the dandy.

It is in the 19th century that the cane reaches its apogee, having accompanied the man since the dawn of humanity. Its golden age, a broad century which starts under the Directory to finish with the first steps of the "Grande Guerre".

In the 19th century, the cane becomes the artistic support of all been delirious, the most astonishing materials are used, so much in the realization of its barrel: invaluable exotic woods, ivory, horn of ram, rhino, discs of paper, marble discs and more... that for the creations of its handles: gold, silver, ivory, gems and semi precious stones, coral, porcelain, horns, nuts, bronzes, aluminium, bakelite and many, many more...

The "cane curiosa": the ingeniousness of the craftsmen and inventors dissimulate in the canes an incredible number of mechanisms and various instruments of which the most known is indisputably the "cane EPEE" (the sword).


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