Cane and eroticism


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Introductory note

- Symbols and phallophoria, from ancient world to middle-age
- Authority symbol, the cane become present at the King Court
- The cane have great presence, at the Court of King Louis XIII
- The Grand Siecle, the cane becomes liberated
- The feasts in Versailles, the cane becomes richer
- Feasts at the Palais Royal, the cane becomes licentious
- Eighteenth century, the French revolution passes
- Nineteenth century, imagination, the cane gets suggestive
- Sculpted women, erotic and lascivious
- Sculpted handles, languid women
- The Belle Epoque, multiple facets of eroticism.
- Casque d'Or, Amélie Hélie prostitute.
- Erotic cane curiosa, nothing visible
- Erotic cane curiosa, delights for amateurs
- Erotic cane curiosa, crop canes
- The scourge cane, stirrup style
- The chabanais became a touristic centre.
- Token-case or hide-token, the lupanar cane
- By way of postface, poets have the floor
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