Cane and eroticism


Sculpted women

erotic and lascivious

But not all canes hide an erotic scene.

Femme allongée sur le dos souriant

There are such canes of which the very visible handle made of ivory, of wood, of golden bronze or silver or out of a hard precious or semiprecious stone for instance, representing a woman laying in an erotic and lascivious position, most of the time a bare body, sometimes slightly veiled. But those one aren't so rare. Sometimes even an hermaphrodite (see below).

Femme allongée sur le ventre aux longs cheveux

And the very, very, rare, such as this magnificent cane seen in the collection of an aesthete, with a strong handle sculpted of a phallus in the round at which the legs and the arms of woman hang, as for crossing a ravine using a tree that would have been thrown over, an ample woman as painted by Renoir, dressed only with a heavy chignon.

poignée art populaire femme allongéePoignée art populaire femme de profil Femme allongée, organes masculin et féminin se rejoignant


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Cane and eroticism
Sculpted women, erotic and lascivious