Cane and eroticism


The scourge cane

stirrup style

In the Middle-age, the "weapon stirrup" was of the scourge family. It was a kind of mace of which the shaft was mounted with a ring equipped with 4 or 5 iron chains, each one ending in an iron mace; "whip weapon" or "Scorpio", though the last one, which is no longer in fashion from the Sixteenth century on, was equipped with small pointy headed maces.


From Prudentius, the martyred we flagellated with "birch rods straps weighted with small leaden bullets". The flagellum in the Roman times was at least made from three straps weighted each one with leaden knucklebones threaded and distributed on the two thirds, which makes it different from another flagellum, also in use in the Roman times, with small chains or straps, armed at the end with leaden bullets.

The Christ was flagellated by his executioners with a whip made from multiples straps weighted with leaden bullets and knucklebones; following the Hebrew law, the number of knocks was 39. These types of weapon, abandoned at the end of the Middle-age times, didn't need to keep up, but for torture -the real one or the one practiced in "salons" as the one that we present here-.

Canne dite anne

Silver handle decorated with grooves and blossomed boughs - Wood-like plated shaft, made of brass, dissimulating a long whip with a leather handle, a shaft made of braided linen and a metallic ferrule.

Under the handle, the following words are pitted "Le Chabanais" followed by :"Anne" -Auction the 9 April 1995, Saint-Germain-en-Laye in France, Expert G.Segas -

There is no doubt, the inscription "Le chabanais" testify to the origin of this sadomasochist weapon; this cane was a piece of furniture of the "room of torture" of the famous brothel "Le Chabanais"

Canne de flagellation


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Cane and eroticism
The scourge cane, stirrup style