Cane and eroticism


Token-case or hide-token

the lupanar cane

Gabriel Antoine Jogand, said Léo Taxil, had acquired a certain fame from the scandalous anticlerical and anti-Masonic books that he had written. In 1884, he was prosecuted for his book, titled "The contemporary prostitution", that was forbiden. In this research, well documented, Léo Taxil revealed the various client's pricing in the brothels, from the aristocratic lupanar to the soldier hovel.

Canne porte-Louis silhouette

"There is, write Taxil, the totally aristocratic lupanar, of which the luxe of the lounge goes beyond our most tremendous dreams. "

"The client pays one Louis, and when young gentlemen come in four or five to offer themselves half an hour of pawing, the Champaign, which is the only admitted drink, is flowing freely, and they are charged at least an amount of eighty to a hundred francs."

Canne porte-Louis

Used in the times where brothels were flourishing, this cane made it possible for the jolly revellers to dissimulate a token stock imitating a golden Louis. The secret stock was located at the end of the skull under the handle and was able to hide a twentieth token. Covered by a real Louis, it could allay suspicion, in case that the gentleman's wife would make a more in depth investigation.

Brothel tokens were made of cardboard and covered with brass, sold at the door by the brothel-keeper, and given in payment to the prostitutes - either for action or for seeing -.

Canne porte-jetons art déco

Opposite, this cane, was used as the former one by the roisterers in the brothels to pay the prostitutes with the tokens cleverly concealed among the golden Louis; Art Déco period, 1930

Below: Rare lupanar cane braced Handle, with a skullcap, angle, and ring made of silver.- "Amourette" wooden Shaft - horned Ferrule.

A model typically "French" in the make and spirit: Braced handle made of golden metal and lizard, the handle opening to take or place the brothel tokens - Shaft made from varnished guaiacum - The button of the case-Louis is stamped with a hallmark "Made in France"- Total height of the cane: 0.90m
Rare canne porte-jetons


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Cane and eroticism
Token-case or hide-token, the lupanar cane