Cane and eroticism


Short introductory note

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We deliberately put this introductory note here with the intention of respecting the sensitivity of those, young or less young, who wouldn't appreciate the themes and ideas developed and illustrated in the present virtual exhibition or the terminology used to depinct the historical facts.

The former exhibitions presented at our website, either can be viewed by all publics, or include at the very most some words that could be perceived as rough, such as the Cane in the French revolution. Unlike our former exhibitions, the present exhibition "Cane and Eroticism" includes by its very theme and nature unambiguous allusions and images, related of course, to the history of the cane and walking stick and to the eroticism but related as well to the human anatomy.

For those who use filters for the benefit of the young public, the pages that follow have been carefully labelled for parent guidance, following both the rules specific to the ICRA scheme, and the rules of the Weburia scheme.

Entry of the exhibition - Table of content From the Table of content, the links open in a second window. At the bottom of each virtual room, a button to access the next room is available.

A more contrasted version of the exhibition, in black on white, is also available


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Cane and eroticism
Short introductory note, virtual exhibition