Cane and eroticism


Nineteenth century, imagination

the cane gets suggestive

During the past centuries, the cane was considered a privilege that only nobles and riche people could afford. After the French revolution and during the Nineteenth Century, the cane will become very popular, The cane gets bolder and suggestive.

During the Nineteenth century, the imagination of the artists, makers, jewelers will allow all excesses. This will be true for the full century, from 1792 to 1914. For the erotic cane, it's a fantastic opportunity. Erotic canes of all kinds will be in fashion.

Niche à sujet érotique ivoire

Under a common pommel, we may discover the painted miniature of the loved mistress, represented bare or, as well, playing with a young man, good-looking and strong-limbed as an Olympian god. Even though the owner is ageing beau.

Niche à sujet érotique ivoire vue 2

Or the one with an ivory pommel opening in two parts disclosing orgiastic scenes sculpted between two hussars tumbeling nuns, cornet and skirts in the wind.

But also this other cane, of which the handle, of wooden sculpted, representing a girl in cap - the "petit chaperon rouge"?- of which the skirt opens in two parts and and let appear all the fleshy parts of the body in ivory, the round buttoks and the pubic hairs delicately sculpted.


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Cane and eroticism
Nineteenth century, imagination, the cane gets suggestive