Cane and eroticism


The "Grand Siècle"

the cane becomes liberate

We will need to wait until Louis XIV accession but also until the death of Mazarin, in 1661, and the real ruling authority of the young king, for the cane to get its true value and become liberate.

Louis XIV par Hyacinthe Rigaud

The king is short and stocky. To appear taller, he will wear the peruke, high heels, adopting a majestic bearing and great presence, throwing back his shoulders resting on his high cane. The king is young, cultivated. He loves arts, feasts. After too many years spent under a rigorous guardianship, he will organize fantastic feasts of which he will be the hero.

when this portrait of Louis XIV, in dress of coronation, was painted by Hyacinthe Rigaud, the king is 63 years old.

The Wingett's History of heels outlines this detail: "French shoemaker Nicholas Lestage, so clever at his trade that some accuse him of sorcery, becomes shoemaker to Louis XIV. The heels of Louis's shoes, some decorated with miniature battle scenes, are as tall as five inches."

Honoré de Balzac depict in his book "Ernest Mignon, portrait de M. de La Brière": He wore a well-fitting pair of kid gloves of the Florentine bronze color, and carried his cane and hat in the left hand with a gesture and air that was worthy of the Grand Monarch, and enabled him to show, as the sacred precincts required" " The whole bearing of the young man were essentially Parisian; the ribbon, the gloves, the cane, the very perfume of his hair were not of Havre".

A French teacher, Francine Machecourt, gives this description of the costume during the first half of the reign of Louis XIV: "Thin moustache. Curled long hair, later on replacer by a peruke. On the peruke, one wears a felt hat - lower than under Louis XIII -, decorated with ostrich feather or ribbons. Accessories: Gloves, small court sword hanging out an enormous baldric, high cane, and sometimes umbrella."


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