Cane and eroticism


The Chabanais

became a touristic centre

During the period said "Les annees folles", the "Chabanais", filled with dazzling memories and precious furniture, looked like a national museum.

At the cost of a generous tip, tourists could visit with their family the Japanese room with Chinese lacquer and ancient carpets, that won a first price at the Universal Exhibition in 1900. Others preferred to linger, recollected, in front of the pillared bed and the Hindu panels of the room of his Majesty the King of England, when he was only the Prince of Wales.

Every day, one of the Madams, very dignified, was charged to comment the visit: "Ladies and gentlemen, at the end of this room, where the King of England was used to sleep, you can see a bath-tub with a women's head [1]. His Majesty had it filled with champagne so that one of the prettiest girls of the house could have her bath. On your left, the love armchair especially designed for the future king by Soubrier, from the Faubourg-Saint-Antoine. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to enter the torture chamber."

Vente du Chabanais

[1] During the sale of the 8th May 1951, Maître Rheims sold this bath-tub for 110 500 French old francs to an antiquarian of Jacob street. Then, this "relic" was brought, for a high price, by the owner of the Fashionable shops, boulevard Montmartre, for advertisement. Bought later on for a fabulous price by the fans of Salavador Dali, it was offered to the painter in 1972, when he was living in Paris at the hotel Meurice. Dali had it filled with flowers and he had a telephone installed in it with a huge receiver.

The "Chabanais" was located at the 12 of "rue Chabanais", a street that was pierced around 1770, at the precise location of the former "Hotel de chabanais". This is why this name was given by Madame kelly in 1878, the year that this famous brothel was founded. Without going into particulars, let's remind that the decorative arts have lost when disappeared this "enchanted sex palace".

-There was the extraordinary Japanese room, first price at the Universal exhibition-, there jostled jolly politicians of all sides, and crowned heads coming from all European countries enjoyed an official detour, that the etiquette named "a visit to the President of the Senat"; till a certain day where such visit, placed on the agenda of the Queen of Spain by a novice state servant, caused a scandal to brake out in official circles -Excerpt from Romi, Brothels, Paris 1952-

Then the lovers of the Napoleon III styles and 1900-1925 may only deplore that this house had not been classified by the Cultural heritage services. Let's remind that the furnitures were broken up at the Hotel Drouot by May 8, 1951.


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Cane and eroticism
The chabanais became a touristic centre