Cane and eroticism


Casque d'Or,

Amelie Helie prostitute

Another facet, indissociable of the Belle Epoque, the beautiful era, the prostitution. The beautiful woman called Casque d'Or, golden hair, was named Amelie Helie. She won eternal fame from the film maker Jacques Becker, the unforgettable actress Simone Signoret and the sensible Serge Reggiani

La belle Casque d'Or

Excerpt from the print of a postcard representing Casque d'Or in the begining of the century (coll. JP Bourgeron).This new was published by a newspaper the 14 November 1902: "Mister L. judge instructor has been made in charge of an unusual case. As a matter of fact, the issue is the breast of Casque d'Or . A publisher is accused to have published a picture on which the queen of the "Apaches" is represented with breast excessively bare. The publisher objects that many women show themselves even less dressed."

La botte du gendarme vue 1

La botte du gendarme vue 2

The boot of the policeman. Sheet metal mechanical target for shooting . Germany ca 1890.

In Germany, as in France, most of the mechanical targets used in fun fairs were illustrated, either with licentious themes, or with scatological themes.


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Cane and eroticism
Casque d'Or, Amélie Hélie prostitute