Cane and eroticism


Erotic cane curiosa

crop canes

Canne flora

Erotic cane, this rare sadomasochist crop cane coming from the famous Parisian brothel, the "One two two"- 122 rue de provence We may read the name "Flora", engraved on the shaft.

canne vue

There was, of course, the so-called "torture chamber": full of carcans, whips, handcuffs, and various other tools... even a cross with hanging-up bracelets. The loving clients were manhandled, more than the residents.

Ivory made pommel, decorated with grooves and blossomed boughs - Wood-like plated shaft dissimulating a long whip a leather handle and a shaft made of braided linen and a metallic ferrule, originating from "Le Chabanais".

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Cane and eroticism
Erotic cane curiosa, crop canes