Cane and eroticism


Erotic cane curiosa

delights for amateurs

Some high-ranking people, politicians, industry and finance decision-makers loved to get a good trashing from a jolly "domineering" woman.

Preceded by all the artistic and literary tradition from the Eighteenth Century on, the sadomasochism is a big success at the Belle Epoque. The true golden age of the said British eroticism begins. Until world war two, countless specialised books delighted the amateurs.

La goulue toulouse-lautrec

Most of the time, these books were illustrated by Eseby, Cerlo, Giffey, Millière, Hérouard, Malteses and many others. As a matter of fact, an inclination to take a turn for a minor sadism made it an essential part of the equipment of the middle-class libertine: it's in fashion. The iconography conveyed by the press and publishing satisfies at no cost and no risk the stereotyped fantasy world of the medium reader.

Nevertheless, we owe this illustration, a print, to the talent of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec.

Attraction prisée de ces messieurs

Every topnotch "house" had to contain a "torture chamber". For a few notes, a gentleman could whip some hapless woman, with good conscience because precisely he had paid. Opposite: attraction particularly appreciated by these gentlemen, the whip on the posterior of these young ladies!

Femme sévissant sur un homme
Femmes sur un homme 2

Less frequently, in some brothels the roles were reversed; there the gentlemen were able to be trashed by a woman. The sadomasochist imagery worked like a substitute, a mean of release, an exorcizer.

Then, it isn't surprising that mostly women were manhandled. It's in the nature of things. Misogyny oblige, in a "phallocratic" society, the female readers were obviously fewer. So, the scenes of masochism targeting men were exceptional and, in general, sounded with a sincerity that is a clear sign.Excerpt from "The golden age of brothels"

And about the sexual behavior of the Marquis de Sade, he demonstrated an equilibrated sadism, receiving the whip with the same spirit that he demonstrated birching beautiful bottoks.Excerpt from "Harsh woman plays" Edition TACO


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Cane and eroticism
Erotic cane curiosa, delights for amateurs