Cane and eroticism


Erotic cane curiosa

nothing visible

bien cachée

I now have a word to tell you about the models of erotic cane curiosa:

Well hidden under the appearance of a walking stick, certainly elegant but not more, these canes had nothing visible nor noticeable, nothing in their external look may allow us to think that they hide or include a crop, a whip, a flagellation strap.

Scene pour amateurs

Do not imagine that these canes could have been used for self-defense. Such canes were either worn by or put at the disposal of these gentleman visiting well known brothels, such as the "Chabanais", the "Sphinx", the "One two two" .

Scene pour amateurs

The cane may have been used by the gentleman or, less frequently, by the hostess using the hidden instruments on male posteriors: spanking crops and other sweets, delightful pains carrying away to ecstasy.

Some high-ranking people, politicians, industry and finance decision-makers loved to get a good trashing from a jolly "domineering" woman.

canne de flagellation, anodine

No first class "house" was really first class without a "torture chamber". Following the article written by Madame Choisy, mostly high-ranking gentlemen were flagellated there: "More important they are, more they love being humiliated; a powerful and rich senator, many times minister,was said to come three times a week to get his trashing. He stood on all fours, yelling like a young dog. And don't spare the horses! In the advertising leaflet "The secret museum" -1930-, a certain Stryx described the artistic curiosities of the well known Parisian brothels. Excerpt from: "The golden age of the whorehouses"

About this peculiar theme, Carlo Ferrero, him again, in "The five senses of Eros", appeals to Montaigne, a well-known French writer, who invented the"essay", living in France between 1533 and 1592, and even to the British dramatiste and church man, William Cartwright, who lived between 1612 and 1643:

Montaigne: "nature has given us pain for the honor and service of pleasure and delight"

William Cartwright, : "I was that silly thing that once was wrought To practice this thin love; I climbed from sex to soul, from soul to thought; Headlong I rolled from thought to soul, and then From soul I lighted at the sex again"


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Cane and eroticism
Erotic cane curiosa, nothing visible