Cane and eroticism


The Belle Epoque

multiple facets of eroticism

homme et femme

Between major aesthetic assertions, dream, the eyes of the poets and triviality, the Belle Epoque, the beautiful era, evoke in the mean time Le Dindon, a funny comedy by Georges Feydeau, in Paris, the aesthetic and exalted eroticism of the poet, considered as decadent in Italy, Gabriele d'Annunzio,

Duchamp Nu descendant l'escalier 1912

the shock wave of cubism and unseemly events such as the Nude descending a staircase painted by Marcel Duchamp, the quarrels that put the surrealist poets in the foreground, I think to Tristan Tzara fighting with his cane to defend their ideas,

Ce briquet
Briquet vue 2

the birth of the musical comedy or Pierre Louÿs, who sings Pan god and, voyeur, takes pictures of prostitutes at the grind, cited by Carlo Ferrero in "The five senses of Eros":

"We must sing the pastoral song, invoking Pan, the god of summer wind. I look after the herd and Sélénis her one, in the round shade of an olive tree that trembles. Sélénis is laying on the meadow. She stands up and run, of search for cicada, or cut flowers with herbs, or wash her face in the fresh water of the stream.

Opposite, a lighter made of copper in the early century. The classical view of a traveler looking through the keyhole and what he sees. coll. J-P Bourgeron

Porte-savon en biscuit
porte-savon vue 2

Turtle in biscuit
period 1900
height: 6cm
lenght: 12cm
The carapace away, appear the charms of a "grisette" wearing a chignon.

(Coll. J.P.Bourgeron)

Main et membre viril


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Cane and eroticism
The Belle Epoque, multiple facets of eroticism