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Gilbert Segas

Antique canes for collecting

Expert in Antique Canes, Rare Canes for Collectors

Fourty years spent as antique canes dealer in Paris impart me with some authority in the field. If you hold a rare walking stick, an animal figured Cane, a cane with a pommel of jewellery or goldsmithery, or a popular art Cane, a precious collectible, Cane curiosa, decorative canes, antique sword cane, saber cane, and need an expert advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The history corner

The Cane does not have age: The Cane of our ancestors.

Virtual Museum

I wished to maintain the virtual exhibitions produced and published in the past years on the subject of antique canes for collecting. Thus, I dedicated the documentation, images and texts, the digital, as well as a part of my website to the creation of a Virtual Museum. This gives the possibility to keep the exhibitions accessible to the public as they were formerly.

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